Reflection Effects

Alessandra Ambrosio Ocean Drive Magazine
Original Photo
GIMP photo edit reflection effect
Reflection Effect

Reflection effects are used by many web designers and photo editors to improve the appearance of a flat or two-dimensional image. Just like drop shadows, reflection effects are often used to give depth or dimension to a particular object in a photo. Read more...



I am new to gimp and inkscape.
i have done some couple of drawings.
and uploaded in fotolia.
pls visit my blog.
I wanna expert comments like urs.
i wanna tips also to improve.
thanks for visiting.

StyleBuddy said...

Thanks Mohamed,
I haven't been able to post in a while but I'm thinking about making more GIMP stuff soon.
Saw your work at fotolia, congratulations! They look really good, especially if you just used GIMP. I hope you keep it up!

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