Reflection Effects

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GIMP photo edit reflection effect
Reflection Effect

Reflection effects are used by many web designers and photo editors to improve the appearance of a flat or two-dimensional image. Just like drop shadows, reflection effects are often used to give depth or dimension to a particular object in a photo. Read more...

Bouncing Ball

GIMP tutorial ball bounce effect

For this tutorial, we will draw a bouncing ball animation using two files, one working file and one GIF file where we will place all the animation frames. First, open a working file wherein we will be applying the changes required for a bouncing ball animation. The ball drawing will be on a separate layer on top of the background layer for easier image manipulation. Read more...

Tutorial : Golf Ball

GIMP tutorial golf ball rendering

Golf balls are known for their distinct characteristic of having crater-like dents along the surface. You can achieve this effect using a graphic software such as GIMP given its Sphere Designer feature. This is an easy way to make golf ball images in just a few clicks without having to draw anything at all...Read more

Tutorial : Colored Pencils

GIMP tutorial color pencil clip art

Colored pencils are great visuals for depicting kid's art. This image was created using Rounded Edge gradient for the pencil shaft, the Perspective tool as well as a wood pattern for the sharpened tip... Read more

Slide Animation : Fade Effect

GIMP tutorial gif animation slide effect fade

The fade-out effect is a very subtle way of transitioning from one image to another whether in slideshows. Most would use slideshow applications with fade-out effects but you can also achieve these effects with GIF animations which does not require any plug-ins for it to be played on your browser. You can create GIF animations with most graphic software, Read more...